[ Sam X Taurtis ] | Fanfiction

[ Sam X Taurtis ] | Fanfiction

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Lxvely.Hxpe ♡ By YandereSoul_xii Updated May 07

This book is based on my imagination and the characters of SamGladiators Yandere Highschool and Tokyo Soul Series! 
The Story is based on two teenager boys named SamGladiator and Taurtis (Joey). Taurtis and Sam have been friends since they were in Elementary school. 
A girl named SirCutieYuki is trying to not let her Senpai, SamGladiator, have feelings for Taurtis because she wants to be the only one to be with Sam-Senpai. 

Sam starts getting feelings for Taurtis later in the story because of Taurtis. 
Taurtis wants to protect Sam from being hurt and bullied from students at school and around Tokyo.

Will Sam and Taurtis hit it off?
Will SirCutieYuki get noticed by Sam?
Who will die?

[ Read the book to find out for yourself ]

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FuentesR3825 FuentesR3825 Apr 22, 2016
Well I wouldn't be complaining about an assignment like that. 😉
kaodksosksc kaodksosksc Apr 28, 2016
If I ever going to do this in school I am just going to do it alone
JanetTheSenpai JanetTheSenpai Apr 20, 2016
Yeah probs Sam and Taurtis make out...or more 
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)