Her Wish. ✔️

Her Wish. ✔️

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"Wallahi you are so breath taking, so... I don't think a word is even created to describe your beauty." I took a big gulp, the moment he said those words to me, I can swear he must have heard it from how loud it was.

"As the Prophet (saw) said in a hadith, 'When I met Yusuf (as), I saw that Allah (swt) has blessed him with half of the beauty of the whole world, while the other half has been spread over the rest of it' but in my eyes the rest was actually blessed upon you" I opened my mouth to say something but then nothing came out and I just stood there with my mouth open.

"I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you, ever since the moment I laid eyes on you when we were kids I knew you were the one for me and no other girl could ever take your place" hearing him say everything he was saying, was making my heart beat escalate.

"you are my first love, my first wife, my first everything and inshallah you will be my one and only even after my last breath"

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gal_98 gal_98 Sep 27
Me: *hide my hand securely* oh hell naw! He ain't coming to bite my hand off!
Isn't ready basically means no hun. I have seen it done to plenty of  girls before
I never as a mother would marry my daughter off that's no way he'll no
_habz_ _habz_ Nov 06, 2016
Mate, if I was in a haram relationship I would of been slapped into an oblivion 😂
mia_90798 mia_90798 Jan 27
No stop this. Stop this right now 😭😭😭you're giving high expectations for a husband now 😭😭😭😭
- - Jan 16
Ameen ya rab💖💖💖..
                              A very heart soothing dua..❤❤❤