The Mad Luna| Ongoing

The Mad Luna| Ongoing

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utter madness By castle-insomnia Updated Aug 30

"Chain me up and lock me down, but you'll never turn my smile into a frown." - Jeff The Killer.


Rogues are known to be ruthless, selfish and angry, they have no human side, they're just an empty shell with no common sense. But Hat isn't like any other rogue anyone's come across. She's intelligent, she's precise and she's collected, plus she's trained to the max. The perfect assassin.

With her silver, platinum blonde hair and crazy, purple eyes, she's not the common wolf you'd come across. Not only does she have an intense drive to kill any supernatural in sight, she has the strength to take down a whole pack singlehandedly.

Her rogue name is the Mad Hatter and with one glance at her, you'd lose both your eyes in a second.


Ryder is the Alpha of the HalfMoon pack, with an determined attitude and the good looks to make any wolf swoon, he's the perfect mate and is more than ready to find the one to call his. When he finds out the Mad Hatter has been killing his pack patrol and was sedated in his prison, he realises something that'll change everything.

The Mad Hatter is now his Mad Luna.

"Find yourself a human body shield because we're going in."


Cover by Me.
-WARNING: Contains violence, merciless murder and a shit ton of swearing. Beware my lovelies-

1.) ampll883, that's the best profile pick ever. And 2.) I love this chick so much right now!
Baby won't you come my way/I was like hey what's up HELLURRRRRRR. 🔢🌿🌿❤
I read what the story was about and this song automatically popped in my head
I love the fact she calls them kiddies, just makes it even creepier!
DaejaCook DaejaCook Nov 02
Can i join? Even though blood tastes like iron. No joke its disgusting
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FUCKKK THISSSS ISSS AWESOME. Everything I have always wanted to do is in this book