The Mad Luna| Discontinued

The Mad Luna| Discontinued

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lily By castle-insomnia Updated Oct 07, 2017

[there is going to be a rewrite]

"go on, bare your teeth at me. i will pull them out, one by one."

The Mad Hatter - Psychotic, purple eyes, bloodshot, white hair, a permanent red sheen, vampire-pale skin, translucent, she is the most wanted rogue on Earth. Everything about her is unknown, full extent of power, location, mental stability. 

She has freed herself, she is out, and she thinks you'd look better in a grave.

But there's a certain wolf standing in the way of her plans.

And his name is Ryder.

WARNING: gory, has a shit tonne of swearing and you'll probably die of laughter. Goodluck my lovelies.

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Izzzzzzidora Izzzzzzidora Nov 12, 2017
Harley Quinn I didn't know you were back in town I missed you. I love this book already
thisisme1026 thisisme1026 Dec 31, 2017
I only read the first chapter and I already love this book so much!
Kitty_PinkiePie Kitty_PinkiePie Oct 10, 2017
can someone make her, like real then make her only listen to me and her be my best friend?!?!!?
HoodiesNfuzzySocks HoodiesNfuzzySocks Jun 01, 2017
"Infirmity" 😂😂 whenever u edit this book here's something to fix,
*laughs hysterically* Is it weird that she reminds me of myself?
_ImJustThatOne_ _ImJustThatOne_ Jun 29, 2017
2 chapters in and I have had several laughing fits😂😂😂😂