The Library ||tsukkiyama||

The Library ||tsukkiyama||

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Hatari/하타리 By hqheaven Completed

It was supposed to be a simple fairytale about a salty prince who met his freckled princess....

But the world turned against them, and soon, one was chasing another.

All characters belong to Furudate Haruichi
Tsukishima x Yamaguchi
Includes fluff, possible smut.
May include triggering content.
Read at your own risk.

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yourlandlord yourlandlord Nov 26, 2017
Fit? Hahaha. He’s really skinny. Underweight, actually-
                              I guess that’s fit, since he may be kind of toned
I- am sorry.
                              WHY DAFUQ DID I THINK OF A D WHEN I READ “long”
                              I FEEL BAD FOR YAMAGUCHI NOW
yourlandlord yourlandlord Nov 26, 2017
I guess it would depend on how you’d perceive his personality, as many people have different variations or their own standards as to what they would call “rude.”
                              Nah. Tsukishima is one rude guy XD
                              Tell him something he doesn’t know
yourlandlord yourlandlord Nov 26, 2017
Yeah. It’s way more comfortable that way. Socializing not only makes me anxious, but it’s also quite exhausting. Being alone is much better. You don’t have to talk to a phone, and you don’t have to worry about your manners or anything.