The Library ||tsukkiyama||

The Library ||tsukkiyama||

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Hatari/하타리 By hqheaven Completed

It was supposed to be a simple fairytale about a salty prince who met his freckled princess....

But the world turned against them, and soon, one was chasing another.

All characters belong to Furudate Haruichi
Tsukishima x Yamaguchi
Includes fluff, possible smut.
May include triggering content.
Read at your own risk.

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DedeKichii DedeKichii Aug 11
I thought that said he STABBED IT I WAS LIKE wOaH wAiT whAts HapPeNing
*Tsukki enters library*
                              Tsukki:sigh*jurassic park theme song plays in mind*
yoongirella yoongirella Sep 10
i like the smell of old books and new books. i just love the smell of books.
SpicySean SpicySean Sep 17
Happy yama sad yama mentally disturbed yama, super yama drama yama big, fat mama yama. Yama yama yama who is this big yama? Starting all this drama? It's him bitch-
yoongirella yoongirella Sep 10
i never cry when reading actual books, but give me a real angsty fanfic and i will be dry and dead on the floor
                              (i read this before but i just have read the prince and i went back to this book just to comment this)