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Im Not Inzane! A Zanvis. FF

Im Not Inzane! A Zanvis. FF

91.3K Reads 3.4K Votes 37 Part Story
~*[]Lυʅυԃσɠ14[]*~ By Luludog14 Completed

This is a story between Travis, the silly yet charming, and Zane, the emo yet lovable.
watch as there adventure plays out through love, adventure, and hardships.

mrmeisawesome mrmeisawesome Dec 16, 2016
Let's be real even when just chill us fangirls will pull a flaming sword out of hell when someone disrespects senpai or our ships
Zanarian93 Zanarian93 Jun 20, 2016
killer........shhhh.....Oh No.....AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH......Help Zanes in my room........jk  I'm right here....this is zane btw hahahah......jk
Dev_Senpai Dev_Senpai Nov 27, 2016
... mk.. so.. I'm thinking.. maybe.. one of the ponies got married.. and his ship died of ponies..
Zanes_Senpai Zanes_Senpai Aug 26, 2016
Dude.... Sound like he is insane like.... Uhh bruh.... That creepy..
Neko_Fujoshi12 Neko_Fujoshi12 Jun 27, 2016
yea cause its okay to sleep with a guy who sways back and forth and has weapons in his room totally norma
surenya surenya Jun 23, 2016
Yeah cause you TOTALLY need a GUN on your WALL IN YOUR ROOM for the apacalipse.