Only You [Discontinued]

Only You [Discontinued]

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Andrea S By P1X135 Completed

A fanfic about Miraculous Ladybug.

After the duo defeated Hawk Moth they still continue their hero duties in the city of Paris. But new troubles rose from this...
A new group of evil appears
Chat still doesn't know who Ladybug is and Marinette is still in love with Adrian. 
But will this continue forever?

Of course this is still a love story with a hint of sadness and joy. And a bit of stuff not for children but I will refrain from mentioning "intense" scenes [still don't know if I actually will]

ps this is my first fanfic and also leave comments.

I do not own the characters I will write!!! Except those I made up for conventional reasons to progress the story. Also if there is another fanfic with the same title it is purely coincidental.

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