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Necromancer (Book 2 of Blood Curse)

Necromancer (Book 2 of Blood Curse)

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Apryl Baker By AprylBaker7 Completed

Book 2 of Blood Curse
  Saidie Walker never believed her grandmother's crazy stories of being able to raise the dead. Just stories she used to scare them all with when they were little.
  Then she met Alexandria Reed and discovered those stories might not be stories after all. Saidie has had to accept that magic is real and the boogeyman exists. Being a Necromancer though? Not something she wanted to admit was real.
  Then her emerging powers awaken and she's shipped off to New Orleans to try to learn to control it under Madame's tutelage. She finds herself surrounded in dark magic, vampires, zombie, and all sorts of other nasty things. One bright spot fills her dismal days - Aleric. He's the vampire that's been assigned as her test subject. He drives her nuts, makes her so mad she's ready to hit something, but the thought of causing him pain is more than she can deal with.
  But not all is as it seems and Saidie's emerging powers have put them all in danger. She'll need to work with Alex to not only save herself, but Aleric as well. If she can survive, and prove to Aleric she won't hurt him, that's she's not evil, then she might find the one thing she's always been looking for.  Love.

Brooklyn3433 Brooklyn3433 Apr 15, 2016
Now im excited. Thank you for writing! Really enjoyed Blood Curse & cant wait to continue the journey with thia book! Thanks again!   -B
pu20977 pu20977 May 05, 2016
Great ! Was looking forward to reading the next book. Loved Blood Curse and wanted to know what will happen further. Thanks for uploading.