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I have been reincarnated... as a love-rival's friend

I have been reincarnated... as a love-rival's friend

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FairoNeko By FairoNeko Updated Apr 09

In a world where previously known as a world in an otome game, I was born. At first, I don't know that this is a world in a certain otome game since I just remember exactly where I am,  at 15 years old, standing on the stage of the opening of the game. Thankfully, I am irrelevant to the game's story-line, so there's no destructive end for me. Yay. Unfortunately, I am friend with one of the love-rival that keeps on dragging me along towards her destructive end. Sigh.
    [This is an Original Story, not a Fanfiction or Translation]

Anerali Anerali Jun 05
There's still the hidden target and rival....I'm just waiting for her to get involved witht them somehow!😋😋
Tanaka-kun is always listless.
                              If you haven't watched it you should it's pretty funny and relaxing to watch :)
Alosha Alosha Apr 16
Aw~~ I was waiting for a bad boy, cold-type capture target to be introduced yet there was none. T^T
witchofstories witchofstories Dec 30, 2016
LOL, somehow the universe loves toying with those not wanting to be involved.
FainaLeui FainaLeui Nov 16, 2016
I like the protagonist so far.. Very interesting. She's the cool type. Not cold. Cool, Laid back and carefree~
foreons- foreons- Dec 18, 2016
Would you mind making a portfolio for the teams, the capture targets and the love rivals? I'm pretty much useless at memorization in general, and I have to have a tab open on this chapter every time I read updates 😂😭😓