I have been reincarnated... as a love-rival's friend

I have been reincarnated... as a love-rival's friend

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In a world where previously known as the world in an otome game, I was born.

At first, I don't know that this is a world in a certain otome game since I just remember exactly where I am,  at 15 years old, standing on the stage of the opening of the game.

Thankfully, I am irrelevant to the game's story-line, so there's no destructive end for me. Yay.
Unfortunately, I am friends with one of the love-rivals that keep on dragging me along towards her destructive end. Sigh.

Sequel: Reincarnation... is getting popular
    [This is an Original Story, not a Fanfiction or Translation]

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Am I the only one who noticed that he thanked you for listening but we didn't?
Gienevere Gienevere Aug 24
Jinx. Flag. Whatever you want to call it, you know what will happen unless FairoNeko decides to destroy common sense.
COvER3 COvER3 Oct 27
Yup i love black haired and black eyed characters too, BUT IT CANT BEAT BLACK HAIRED AND BLUR EYES
Anerali Anerali Jun 05
There's still the hidden target and rival....I'm just waiting for her to get involved witht them somehow!😋😋
COvER3 COvER3 Oct 27
Omg i love him already! Im obssessed with anyone with black hair and blue eyes 😍
- - Sep 25
It's sound to me the crossover of 'gakuen alice' and 'Magi' xD