Ancient Strengthening Technique[B1]

Ancient Strengthening Technique[B1]

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This is a small village surrounded by hills and mountains, the scenery is breathtaking. The village's surroundings is filled with the abundance of flora and fauna. Even the quality of the air here is fragrant beyond comparison.

Sitting atop of a hillside, was a little boy, roughly about five years old. The little boy was frail and weak, with a very thin physique. Currently the little boy was in a daze. If anyone was to look at the little boy at this moment, they would be flabbergasted! He could be considered considerably good looking, with that delicate small face and a pair of beautiful black eyes, but in this instance, the sorrowful expression in his eyes was not fitting for his age. It was a look that no ordinary five years old should be able to emulate.

"It has been five years.. Why did I appear in this world? This world and my original world are drastically different, I'm even unsure of what era of history this place belongs to, the only thing I know is that this continent is...

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