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hi, my name is [spriha] By sprihaha Completed

❝ The space seemed dark but we all knew of all the illumination this universe had, and of all of its light which was still under the dark. It was a substantial paradox. ❞

Gazing through the glass, I struggled to figure out why I was chosen to be on here, and why all those people, who stared at the spacecraft I was in from the ground below, could not be allowed to subsist. As we distanced ourselves from the land, the silhouette of a blistering Earth materialized before my eyes.  The Earth--it was bleeding, the magma spreading incessantly. The nature was crying in pain. It was a striking disaster, and we were escaping it; we were taking to the stars.

"We're lucky," A supple, feminine voice said from behind me. "Hey, I'm Julia."

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