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Killing Me Softly (Reaper Romance)

Killing Me Softly (Reaper Romance)

12.3K Reads 778 Votes 23 Part Story
Kharma Kelley By Kharma_Kelley Updated Apr 30

Highest Rank: #127 in Paranormal (1.14.17) Briseis "Bree" Devereaux is not your average 20-something paramedic.  From the time she was 13, she had the uncanny ability to heal and even revive the recently deceased. A gifted Necromancer, she can only hide in plain sight; picking and choosing her battles against raising the dead.  A loner by necessity, Briseis knows that her gift is not only precious but also looked down as a terrible curse. Despite the warnings of tampering with nature, Briseis feels this is her birthright and chance to undo some of life's wrongs. And who wants to try to live a normal life with responsibility like that hanging over them?
  Micah was supposed to be taking a sabbatical when he's summoned to put a certain Necromancer  "in her place."  Death has had enough of Briseis' meddling.  When the call is made for someone to die, he expects them to stay that way.  How many times will he have to sit back and allow this reckless witch to screw up his whole system? Sent down to deliver Azrael's fearsome ultimatum, Micah realizes Briseis is a bigger handful than he expected, reviving feelings that he swore was dead long ago. 
  Both learn more about each other's world than they could ever imagine. But with Death hungry for retribution and Briseis falling for one of his most prestigious reapers, who will have the will to give in?
  #paranormalromance #mature #newadultreads #killingmesoftly

I like the way you asked us to vote.follow.comment.and share....
Kar-AHH Kar-AHH Jun 10, 2016
Yes, a very interesting start. It really pulls you into the Necromancy aspect of the story without having  to go into full detail of it! You know I love the Reaper realm dearly, and I liked the idea of your story just from the description. Having read the first chapter now, I know I will like it.
caribbean_gangstress caribbean_gangstress Jun 13, 2016
Damn I wish I had Bree's power.. This chapter was so cool I enjoyed it and it was very interesting
5ilver 5ilver Jul 10, 2016
New voting picture thingy and I love the font but why must it be such a scary picture like a skull haha xD I love the start of this story! You are really gifted and the Chloe and Ethan book should be Wattpad-famous and generally famous :O idk why it isn't!!