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Sensual Desire

Sensual Desire

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RollsBlunt By RollsBlunt Updated 5 days ago

Chris in media 

"Ma can we go to the store" i say looking up at her while she's driving but she doesn't reply "Mom please I've been good i know I upset you when i told you i kissed ashley was i wrong? " i wait patiently still no reply " Mom please ans-" "Shut the fuck up Christine yes you were wrong you were fucking wrong you know god made adam and eve not adam and steve you are not about to end up like your dad you dont wanna go to hell do you " she screams looking at me all of a sudden a bright light shines into the car " Mom watch out for the tru-" 
"Chris wake up " i was being shaked softly i open my eyes staring into Aminah's big brown eyes she then smiles at me " baby you had the dream again " she hands me a towel and i pat the towel all around my sweaty chest " Thanks babe" i say smiling at her " no problem now go get ready we're gonna be late to school " i jump up walking to the bathroom ive been having the same dream about my mom since she died i can't get over the things she...

RollsBlunt RollsBlunt Jul 09
Idk what happen but I reallyy don't wanna go back and do it 😭💀💀 hopefully you guys saw the picture later in the chapter
Sheba_Rosa Sheba_Rosa Nov 30, 2016
Sooo ya dick named after a iCarly character *sit down*.....*lits blunt* okay....
Shay0196 Shay0196 Jan 24
Why Spencer from iCarly thooo lmaooo might as well have a last name too... Spencer Shae 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shay0196 Shay0196 Jan 24
I know ya mad and all but I know I wouldn't be running for no damn 30 minutes shidd I woulda been sat my ass down and cry
Sheba_Rosa Sheba_Rosa Nov 30, 2016
Bitch she ain't a gay man 😑😑😑😑wouldn't it be Eve and Eva witcho ignorant self 😂😂ohh ppl like her get on my nerves
ilostmynameithink ilostmynameithink Nov 24, 2016
Why does it have to be spencer you messed ICarly up for me like for a whole month