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from afar | bsd shots

from afar | bsd shots

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airi By kintsukuroi- Updated Dec 20, 2016

❛❛i can only see you 
yet i cannot touch you
our worlds are different 
yet i love you that much, 
i won't ask for more
this is enough; 
loving you from afar❜❜

phantomhaivu phantomhaivu Apr 29, 2016
Akutagawa angst please XD what's an angst though? Lol. But still. Please?
mikuniaino mikuniaino Apr 22, 2016
Dazai x reader lemon pls!! (Yes my thirst for him is REAL) well dazai is like the lazy sht so reader rides him lmfao its totally up to u if ur not comfy with reader riding :D this is actually the second time lol the first time i requested my comment got reported :/
YumeAira YumeAira Apr 22, 2016
Akutagawa x reader fluff please because men in coats are life (yes, including Dazai 😂)
Alphawolf_RU Alphawolf_RU Dec 31, 2016
I'd like to request Akutagawa x reader. Something along the lines of the reader is in Port Mafia and Aku is developing a crush on her. Dazai (still a member of Port Mafia) notices that and teases Aku about it but decides to help him out. Something like that.
PortgasAce649 PortgasAce649 Apr 21, 2016
Maybe it's not your favourite, but, could you write something for Ranpo Edogawa x Reader? I like him
kujakuhime kujakuhime Apr 26, 2016
Can I request Atsushi x Reader fluff? Like Atsushi has a crush on the reader who is also a detective and he wants to spend more time with her and eventually finds out reader likes him too? I hope that's no too much!! Thank you so much!