{ bungo stray dogs x reader oneshots }

{ bungo stray dogs x reader oneshots }

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「 nathalie By straydogs- Updated Jul 09

hello! bungo stray dogs just stole my attention away and this suicidal maniac named dazai ozamu just stole my heart { SHIP DAZAI WITH ME FOR A BETTER WORLD JK AKSJSKKASJDJKDKENKSKSKKJDS } i literally love all the characters but dazai is my husband hohohoho. 

requests are open! comment on the comment box or pm me  

× character/s x reader-chan
× angst, fluff, lemon {im bad at this rip}, etc. 
× plot { optional }

that's all, hoho, if you want me to add some details then just tell me  

- dazai's wifeu

Akutagawa angst please XD what's an angst though? Lol. But still. Please?
mikuniaino mikuniaino Apr 22
Dazai x reader lemon pls!! (Yes my thirst for him is REAL) well dazai is like the lazy sht so reader rides him lmfao its totally up to u if ur not comfy with reader riding :D this is actually the second time lol the first time i requested my comment got reported :/
YumeAira YumeAira Apr 22
Akutagawa x reader fluff please because men in coats are life (yes, including Dazai 😂)
Maybe it's not your favourite, but, could you write something for Ranpo Edogawa x Reader? I like him
kujakuhime kujakuhime Apr 26
Can I request Atsushi x Reader fluff? Like Atsushi has a crush on the reader who is also a detective and he wants to spend more time with her and eventually finds out reader likes him too? I hope that's no too much!! Thank you so much!
straydogs- straydogs- Apr 21
@PortgasAce649 i like him too! i thought I was the only one, anyways, itll be up next ^-^