It Started With A Letter (Yandere X Reader Lemon)

It Started With A Letter (Yandere X Reader Lemon)

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No Yanderes Here By xKoolKatsx Completed

Book 1: Going to a depressing school isn't always easy, especially when there's a love sick killer attending. 

But that all changed the day you received a letter in your locker.

Book 2: After one of the biggest school genocides ever to grace the news, you ended up having an argument with your parents that lead to you moving out. 

Now you live with two brothers, that continue to change the course of your everyday life, forever.

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Kii1b0 Kii1b0 3 days ago
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! So don’t miss it! 
                              That’s a better way to end it without making it sound so threatening.
.... Hello everyone and welcome to Yandere Simulator! Today we're going to-.... Oh my god Kokona, you naughty girl. I'm gonna have to put rat poison in your bento box now... Or stab Midori Gurinuuuuuu with a Knifu and end her Mothafuking laifu!! Don't now how many people will get the reference
You don't really "undo" envelopes ... I think you meant unsealed.
-sueshi -sueshi Aug 23
*doesnt show up*
                              i regret at  least %99.9 of my actions in life , what makes you think this is new ?
Me : ``Oh. . .Also, do you have food by any chance? I forgot mine at home and I'm starvingggg!``
BOSSsenpai BOSSsenpai Nov 04
Oh snap! Stupid Bitch!!!! Where are you!!!???!?? I loved you!!!! You were so important to this story!! RIP