It Started With A Letter (Yandere X Reader Lemon)

It Started With A Letter (Yandere X Reader Lemon)

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No Yanderes Here By xKoolKatsx Completed

Book 1: Going to a depressing school isn't always easy, especially when there's a love sick killer attending. 

But that all changed the day you received a letter in your locker.

Book 2: After one of the biggest school genocides ever to grace the news, you ended up having an argument with your parents that lead to you moving out. 

Now you live with two brothers, that continue to change the course of your everyday life, forever.

  • anime
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  • gore
  • highschool
  • horror
  • lemon
  • murder
  • romance
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EcoShanina EcoShanina Apr 14
I actually was planning on not going but I remembered I was going to die if not
You can't love anyone for that matter, stupid girl. If you have 0 libido for a real guy, then stick to the internet.
Fsteckie Fsteckie May 02
*where this is going
                              *Mesmerized you
                              AHHH it feels so GOOD to be able to comment this stuff and know I'm not going to get dissed for it!!
Fsteckie Fsteckie May 02
I have two points to make:
                              1. It's "bare with me"
                              2. FINALLY someone who understands us Grammar Nazis!!
Xeno_Jiiva Xeno_Jiiva Apr 09
I'm blue dabu dee dabu die, if I was blue I would die--//slapped
                              Sry not sry
Hmmmm, let me think about that....