It Started With A Letter (Yandere X Reader Lemon)

It Started With A Letter (Yandere X Reader Lemon)

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No Yanderes Here By xKoolKatsx Completed

Book 1: Going to a depressing school isn't always easy, especially when there's a love sick killer attending. 

But that all changed the day you received a letter in your locker.

Book 2: After one of the biggest school genocides ever to grace the news, you ended up having an argument with your parents that lead to you moving out. 

Now you live with two brothers, that continue to change the course of your everyday life, forever.

  • anime
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  • gore
  • highschool
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Kii1b0 Kii1b0 Dec 09, 2017
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! So don’t miss it! 
                              That’s a better way to end it without making it sound so threatening.
Sleepingpoop Sleepingpoop Dec 25, 2017
Note: Dear Sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health
                              And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth
                              In the pockets of people like me: down on their luck
                              You see, that was my wife who you decided to fuuuuuu
BOSSsenpai BOSSsenpai Nov 04, 2017
Oh snap! Stupid Bitch!!!! Where are you!!!???!?? I loved you!!!! You were so important to this story!! RIP
DrilloxeAuthentica DrilloxeAuthentica Oct 18, 2017
Well, that escalated quickly. There better be milkshakes waiting at the top or something.
Luckky_blacko Luckky_blacko Oct 29, 2017 real life just throw the ppr. or report to my trusted teacher...-_-ll...but in yandere life go,be scared,
livescarry livescarry Feb 16
me: do ya think we all know that this means your name? (Y/N?) just wondering!