It Started With A Letter «Yandere X Reader Lemon»

It Started With A Letter «Yandere X Reader Lemon»

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No Yanderes Here By xKoolKatsx Completed

Book 1: Going to a depressing school isn't always easy, especially when there's a love sick killer attending. 

But that all changed the day you received a letter in your locker.

Book 2: After one of the biggest school genocides ever to grace the news, you ended up having an argument with your parents that lead to you moving out. 

Now you live with two brothers, that continue to change the course of your everyday life, forever.

I imagine how weird it would be for him to address me as Senpai now...
AnimeVex AnimeVex Jun 21
Oh, really? Is that true?
                              I don't regret anything because I'm a full on Yandere too.
RaichuV RaichuV Jun 03
You're going to force me to come? What if I have  Peopleophobia?
I'm thinking of Tsukiyama screaming glorious while sniffing his tissues... M. What is wrong with me
TicciTiana TicciTiana Jun 18
You can! Your dad is Ticci Toby! He would be proud if you dated a Yandere murderer! What am I doing with my life...