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Your my mate? Seriously?

Your my mate? Seriously?

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~•Coralpaw•~ By henies Updated Aug 18, 2016

Elsa Winters is known to be the most successful Alpha on the north side of the woods. 
Has the largest pack. Most strict alpha. And the best warriors. Nobody dares to mess with her because of her known reputation of being aggressive and mean, not someone you'd want to mess with. 
Of course, she's protective of her pack and rank and loyal to everyone in it, but it doesn't mean she LIKES everyone. 

Jack Frost is an average pack member, a healer along with his buddies; Hiccup and Eugene. 
He's content with his life, knowing everything will always remain the same, and, he'll always be mateless. 

But, when a certain scent leads Jack right to his Alpha, he's both shocked and conflicted with being Elsa's mate. 
Knowing her reputation of being arrogant, aggressive and mean, he doesn't think he'll have a fairy tail life like he always thought about with his mate. 
Instead, it's almost a living nightmare. 

But It's not just Jack who wasn't impressed with the mates bond, but Elsa thought it was unprofessional and insane that she was mates with a HEALER. 
Out of all ranks, a healer..... Mated to an Alpha..... Seriously? 
It almost seemed impossible to her, claiming that she was 'out of his league'. 

But what happens when Jack and Elsa are forced to be around each other, due to the mates bond and NEEDING your mate with you? 
Or when Jack discovers some of Elsa's secrets, giving him whole new eyes for her? 
When they suddenly develop feelings they both never thought they could feel for each other?  

This is a story of rekindled friendship, and love.

pandalover_135gh pandalover_135gh Apr 20, 2016
Problems with ur bf, I feel u, that makes two of us kinda. Me and my bf broke up on Feb. Just a few days ago he tried to contact me saying he missed talking to me and yeah
                              Anyways, loved the chapter!❤
itz_sakura itz_sakura Jan 11
This kinda reminds me of hinata and naruto's childhood together
pandalover_135gh pandalover_135gh Apr 17, 2016
I was literally almost crying!, poor Jack witnessed his mother's death.....plz update!
ElsaFrost041 ElsaFrost041 Oct 14, 2016
Nooooooooooo my profile photo explains wat I'm feeling just not with a smile