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Eren Jaeger is a polyglot... Someone who can speak several different languages fluently. He's always had friends, good grades, an okay family? Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing to get him particularly noticed... A perfect life in the shadows if you will. 

Levi Rivaille on the other hand... He's bilingual, known as the school badass, However his perfect bad boy demeanor crumbles as soon as he's alone. And he has nobody that cares to confide in. Because unlike Eren, Levi has no family. Sure people look up to him, but nobody really cares about him in the long run.

That is until Levi meets the new boy Eren. He doesn't know why, but he begins to harbour a strong affection for the brunnette. When partnered together for an art assignment the two are forced into a beautiful relationship that neither anticipated.




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AttackOnLevisDick AttackOnLevisDick Jul 21, 2017
*claps hands together once* WOO! SCHOOL!
                              Just kidding school is my worst nightmare. Its where my innocence isn't innocent anymore. And it starts the day after my birthday. So yeah, now I hate my life
I’m done. Nope, I’m out. The drama is starting. Jk I’m gonna stay but still. AHHHH
Everyone in Attack on Titan is gay (except Springles they are the only good straight couple)
AttackOnLevisDick AttackOnLevisDick Jul 21, 2017
                              A loser in a toilet? What? You lost rock,paper,scissors and had to sit IN the toilet for eternity? Wow. You must really suck at that game, Eren.
MkChong3 MkChong3 Feb 18
I just don't our my breakfast. Nuuuuuu waffles. That's Why I don't read fanfiction in the mall....
GayAestheticThing GayAestheticThing Nov 21, 2017
I don't usually comment on stories that much but I like this one already so I'm going to say that I really like it so far and hope it gets even better with every episode