Don't blink. (A Phan soulmate AU)

Don't blink. (A Phan soulmate AU)

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always_johnlocked By always_johnlocked Updated Oct 24, 2016

It's easy. One day you'll meet your soulmate. The moment you see each other your heart will start glowing slightly. From that day on, you'll hear your soulmate's thoughts, you'll feel what they're feeling.
Everyone has a soulmate, and that's the person they are supposed to be with.
Or that's what Dan thought.

"Look, I know you don't love me, and it hurts like  a bitch but, for you, I'll accept the second best thing."
"You deserve more than this, you deserve to be happy."
"Yeah, that's why I'm doing this, you make me happy."

(The cover isn't mine, it's been made by michaella_phan, it had a water mark but Wattpad cut it off, if this is you and you don't want your art to be a cover of a story I completely understand, so don't hesitate to tell me).

WhenEarthsDead WhenEarthsDead Apr 23, 2016
I just added this story to my library and a minute later you update
WhenEarthsDead WhenEarthsDead Apr 23, 2016
Dan why are you lazy? Well I am to so I probably shouldn't say anything
I knew you were going to kill charlie, I hate you :( Lemme guess, They're 18? And Phil's going to keep smiling and keeping positive because he knew thats what his best fri- *cough* fiancè would want?
sara5eva sara5eva Jun 09, 2016
It said "pull me close, be my man. " I thought it said 'pull me close by my man' and it took a very sexual turn in my head
If you like a thing you should put a ring on it
                              Me: *puts a ring on pizza*
space-buns space-buns Apr 24, 2016
                              Second of all: this is beautiful. why is this so cute. why. why. why. why. why. 
                              AOTD: Enlgish (duh) and French (my accent is horrible--i'm way better at the grammar part of it, and reading it.)