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Jess By SimplyxJess Completed

“Love’s like a bullet. It’s fast. It’s furious. Sometimes you can’t see it coming. You can run from it. But you can’t dodge it. Unless someone stands in your way…”

Growing up, Callie Tollson had always admired her older brother, Clay, for being exactly who he wanted to be…despite the consequences he faced doing so. With their roles reversed, Callie had always been the one to stand up for Clay when he was in harm’s way. She always thought this was enough. She thought she was able to protect him.

That is until he turned the tables and unleashed harm back on those who had done it to him.

She couldn’t understand why, being the one who stood up for him the most, she was the one he picked as the receiver for the final bullet in his gun.

Now she’s the most feared girl in school with a haunting family tie to keep her stuck in the halls of Riverton High. As she tries to survive the rest of her junior year as the sister of the boy who brought a gun to school, she soon realizes she owes nothing to the boy who turned on her and everything to the boy who saved her life.

My brother is....everything as a family and friend. He's the only one I have. I've told him that if he died, I'd die. So he's very protective
Its impossible to see more than a certain length ( 20 miles i Think) because of the bending of the earth, so unless she's a member of flat earth society
iiFangirl iiFangirl Aug 17
Wtf happened man? This author just got me in suspense bruuhhhh
Read this book a long time ago, couldn't remember what the title was and I've never been more happier to find a book again!!
Had to wake up at 2am last week to drive a few states away and I almost stabbed someone
second or third time reader. i forgot how many times i've read this