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I Did Not See You There (a Joshler fanfic)

I Did Not See You There (a Joshler fanfic)

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InthenameofJoshDun By InthenameofJoshDun Updated Jun 06

'"I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there".

"I didn't see you either", the boy chuckled. 

Then he noticed the red and white stick in his hand.'


Josh Dun moved to a new apartment only a few weeks ago. He's just settled in, and has no idea yet who lives in his apartment complex. He does not have that much interest in getting to know his neighbors, until he accidentally bumps into a intriguing boy. A boy with white eyes. 

A blind boy. 

Tyler Joseph has been living in the same apartment complex for almost four years now. Tyler is born blind, so he doesn't know any better. For him, it's normal. It's not like he misses anything. 
He's always been alone most of the time. He does have some really good friends. But he didn't make any new friends, or have a relationship for that matter, in years. That's because they usually think it's too difficult to have a friend who's blind. Tyler really doesn't need to meet anyone new. He's happy with his friends. 

That is until he meets a boy with a gentle voice and very soft hands.

LucidDun LucidDun Jun 10
Ok but wtf do vegans eat.
                               I feel like all they do is eat lettuce all day
Ok but being deaf isn't necessarily a bad thing....,,. If you replaced blind with deaf that would be how I feel about hearing..,... (ps I'm not hating on your work I just get salty about this topic a lot don't kill me)
smol1beans smol1beans 2 days ago
Ummm no Tyler,don't forget that josh has a show to watch,smh ignorant little asshóle😩😒😤
Nimbus2001HP Nimbus2001HP a day ago
                              Lord Yeesus and Lord Geesus please help me stop using memes everywhere I go xD
brokendaze brokendaze Jun 03
This reminds me of that Filthy Frank video on vegans.. Help.
Oddclique Oddclique Jul 07
If i met Tyler and Josh i would sniff them and feel their face after I'm done crying