The Nerd X Bad Boy {NaLu}

The Nerd X Bad Boy {NaLu}

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i Am uNStAblE By Willowing_Whisp Completed

Lucy Heartfilia is a beautiful smart girl, who gets abused by her father and is called a nerd.

Natsu Drganeel the handsome heartthrob of Magnolia high, whose goal is to get every girl to like him. But what happens when Lucy Heartfilia doesn't  like him. Will he steal her heart? Or in the process will he fall in love with her?

What happens when there is other trouble a long the way?

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  • bullying
  • cutting
  • fairytail
  • gale
  • gruvia
  • high
  • jerza
  • nalu
  • nerd
  • rowen
  • suicide
  • zervis
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                              I want to say something, but I can't.
                              For reasons!
                              I wish I could say it though...
ZUZUFanFic1 ZUZUFanFic1 Aug 22
*flips natsu off soooo may effing times with all middle fingers and middle toes*
                              Says F U
Pheonix0617 Pheonix0617 Aug 09
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