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Erica By Queen_Elixir Completed

{Trigger Warnings for Kidnapping}
{Contains Mild Violence and Language} 

~ * ~    

"Juliette," his voice was deep and coated with lust as his lips grazed my ear lobe, "you're mine, sweetheart." His lips pressed against the mark on my neck for half a second causing me to bite down on my lower lip to prevent the moan that threatened to escape. I could feel the smirk on his lips as he moved back to my ear, "Don't try to deny me anymore. You won't like the outcome."    

Alexander Hayes was a werewolf, an Alpha werewolf; something that was only supposed to exist in horror movies and fiction novels. Juliette Beauchamp was a human, just a hostess at a restaurant trying to scrape by and pay her rent on time. For all anyone knows there is nothing out of the ordinary about her, other than the fact that she's now the mate of said werewolf.  

~ * ~    

Copyright © 2013 Flicker  
Cover by @burntbrulee

mycatscooby mycatscooby Jul 11, 2016
Erm Houston we have a problem. Yes , the chapter title seems to have scattered
LovelyWinters LovelyWinters Jul 16, 2014
I can practically smell the awesomeness rolling off this story!
cuqcake cuqcake Jun 18, 2014
Was I the only one that thought the title was "F*CKER" when they first saw the cover LMFAO
DreamsInDemise DreamsInDemise Mar 01, 2014
This seems like an awesome yet interesting, mysterious story. I can tell I already fell in love with it!
theeternalscribe theeternalscribe Feb 08, 2014
Nice start!  The mystery!  The intrigue!  Totally makes you want to keep reading!
simba-aa simba-aa Jan 24, 2014
By the prolouge, i can already tell this is going to be an awesome and orginal book. Can't wait to read more!