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Sweet Little Bucket ≈ Willy Wonka × Reader (SLOW UPDATES)

Sweet Little Bucket ≈ Willy Wonka × Reader (SLOW UPDATES)

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beautifully broken By madlittlecriminal Updated May 20

You're Charlie's oldest sister & there's just something about you that no one knows besides Charlie & Grandpa Joe; every night, you would sneak out through the hole in yours & Charlie's ceiling to spend some silence in front of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. He never leaves, nor does he ever open the gates. The only thing that goes in & out of the factory are his candy that are delivered to each town by the trucks. You've always wondered how it would look like to head into the factory for just one day to enjoy every inch of the factory with your family.

Little do you know, that wish finally comes true when the golden tickets are released throughout the town. Once all four tickets are gone, you realize there's a fifty fifty percent possibility that Charlie will get the ticket. When he does, Grandpa Joe allows you to go with him because he knows as much as Charlie how badly you'd like to step foot into the factory. Not only that, but to be able to meet the guy who made you fall madly in love with chocolate; Willy Wonka.

Umm this am reader thing.... And this is so creepy that you knew about this. 
                              I'm only playing. But seriously I find it slightly creepy when a X reader has the reader as a self harm victim. For a am a recovering cutting addict.
Me: Lol u kinda remind me of-
                              Prussia : zhe awesome Prussia keseeseseseses~
Please stop cutting your self you can always talk to us and we won't judge. Your beautiful, smart, and talented. So please PLEASE don't do this to your self .o(◡‿◡✿)
ragdoll348 ragdoll348 Nov 29, 2016
                              Wonka: SHHHHHH
No!!!! Please stop cutting its an awful thing to do and you have sooo much to live for! Ik im saying the same thing anyone else would but there was a time when i did this and i told no one... when i opened up about it everything was sooo much better! You will be perfectly ok sweetheart💕✨