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The White Demon (Chara X Reader Undertale) |EDITING|

The White Demon (Chara X Reader Undertale) |EDITING|

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Kira By Kiramera Updated Oct 29, 2016

| Last Updated: 1 month ago |
| Reason: Work and gaming |

Monsters are free, but you feel that they are hiding something. What happened to the first human, "Chara" ? Curiously, you journey to Mt. Ebott, only to encounter something you never thought you'd see. Or someone; Chara.
    Chara's gender is up to you. = identified as (they/them)
    Reader can be either gender. = identified as (he/she)
    Rating: PG 14 for (little) explicit language, violence and fantasy violence, and sexual  themes
    So enjoy my sin, ya dirty sinner-reader (/ewe)/

And of course you had to jump into the black abise-_-
                              Reader: I'm fin- *snaps neck on the fall* 
                              Told ya -_-
M4RM4L4D3 M4RM4L4D3 Aug 15, 2016
YES! This fits me so well because I actually want to be an artist when I grow up.
Well Asriel turned into a salty ass, cockblocking, kinky, yellow, demon flower.
M4RM4L4D3 M4RM4L4D3 Aug 15, 2016
I'm only 12, pretty sure it's illegal for me to stay home alone for more than 3 hours 😂
K-starie K-starie Jun 11, 2016
While reading this sentence... I feel like MatPat from the Game Theorist 😐
First-Sin-of-Wrath First-Sin-of-Wrath Oct 26, 2016
*3 seconds later*
                              *the entire city is being pulled into a black hole* I knew I shouldn't have had Chara teach me magic -_-