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The Beast's Obsession (Finished)

The Beast's Obsession (Finished)

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Nikki-Chan09 By Nikki-Chan09 Completed

You come from a rich family and own a lot of businesses. You live in a castle and have many servants who are there for your every wish. It seems that you have the perfect life, right? Well not really, you are (Age) and everyone in your family has always married. Although, you don't want to and it's not like they are around to try to change your mind. You're life is all about running the businesses and dealing with unwanted marriage proposals, but that is about to change when you get kidnapped by the beast. Sounds like a beauty and the beast story, but this isn't a cartoon, you'll soon find out.

Disclaimer- I don't own any of these images.

My great grandma got married at 15... really odd to think about considering I'm 16.
Wait.. Wasn't I talking to that Luaus guy? Is this a diffirent guy?
AnimeSavage AnimeSavage Nov 14, 2016
I thought it said smacking, like you know, when people chew on food
I won't put my own self in this . I'll just put one of a quickly made up character lol
bloodwolfdeadly bloodwolfdeadly Nov 04, 2016
lol i was just thinking if someone was like 6 and read this HAHAHHAHHHAA
Basically everything that would make me feel happy and be chubby