What's Mine Is Mine (BoyxBoy)

What's Mine Is Mine (BoyxBoy)

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Myisha By mya_vampire_girl Updated Oct 19

"My mate is mine. Therefore stay the hell away. If you think you'll even touch him and I won't find out, you're beyond idiotic. I will find out. He's mine and always will be. Mine to protect. That's my job. What's mine is sure as hell mine, do good to remember that..." ~ Travis Miller

Travis Miller is the boy everyone loves. The Alpha's son, high school player, and pack's golden boy.

Shane McDonald is the weak link of the pack. No one cares, no one notices his existence. His family does, though.... His father wants him to take it all, be tough. His mother disagrees and just wants what all mothers wants...him to be happy and fit in....while being himself.

Faith brings these two together in the most shocking way....

But will something get in their path?

iiii've got a migraine and my pain will raise from up down and sideways
flourel flourel Oct 28
Lol the amount of times used was used in that description gave me a seizure
used to listen to them back when i was in eight grade eh my friends thought i was emo
SoraKuroko SoraKuroko Oct 14
Basically every male in mystic messengers (If you play mystic messengers you would understand)
id just turn around and ignore the problem like i do with everything else eh
noemiala_ noemiala_ Aug 09
You probably knew that before you jumped into bed with him so why waste your breathe