Line Of Fire • Daryl Dixon • Sequel To 'My Brothers Bestfriend' (Book 2) ✔️

Line Of Fire • Daryl Dixon • Sequel To 'My Brothers Bestfriend' (Book 2) ✔️

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(Book 2)

Claire had left for the army believing every rotten word her mother said, leaving Daryl devastated and Ryder missing his mother. 

What problems await when she takes her first tour with Merle and Michonne? 

Her mothers harsh words continue to haunt her everyday, making her believe she wasn't good for anything and was no longer needed in Daryl or Ryder's life leaving her reckless in the line of fire.  

When Merle has to leave due to an injury he's no longer able to watch over Claire like he had promised Daryl. Devastating himself as much as his brother. 

Feeling unloved and unwanted by her own family Claire sees no reason not to go and save her friend in a dangerous battle with the enemy. What happens when she is taken?

Will she make it out alive? 

Will there ever be a happy ending for Daryl, Claire and Ryder?

Damn bitch. Mom and whori..  poor Claire maybe he should send it thru Meryl??  More plz
Goddamn why is whori so rude geeeeeeezzzzz anywho love the chapter totally didn't smile most of the way through at all 😂✨
cubba37 cubba37 Jul 21
Daryl i love you but omg you you idiot 😭 Don't trust her with those!!!
Book 1 was amazing now book 2 will be fantastic your a incredible writer cant wait for more and ooh great teaser so glad you decided a sequel
Hold on, "Where did I set my machete??" 
                              "It's in Mrs. Grimes' head" 
                              I laughed, "Oh yeah!"