The Locked Room

The Locked Room

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Nikki Hall By Iamnikki1 Updated Jul 31

#1 in Paranormal (12-07-17)

When your mother restricts you from going to a locked room of your new home and somehow you reach there. 

Same happened with Evelyn. Wanna know how she reached there or what happened when she was inside that locked room?

nice story but only 2 parts show why dont other parts of book show
C3insan0sis C3insan0sis Jul 12
I bet the cats gonna be able to speak and be a trustworthy friend or something
Renriex Renriex Mar 16
Nice chapter and really got me hooked on it.. please update again soon~ cant wait for chapter 2
Ooh my, I didn't know it was that long comment :D My bad! :)
I don't want to go in the car or in the wash room because of the first chapter but how's the 2nd to the last chapter I've been worked I won't get that out of my mind so I didn't want to see my face at the front of the mirror
C3insan0sis C3insan0sis Jul 12
That's it! This book has to be amazing!  It has harry potter references!