Restricted Chapters of Where's My Mate

Restricted Chapters of Where's My Mate

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Mary By TiggerLover1234 Completed

soo I don't know how good this is. It's my very first boy on boy sex scene. 

Please tell me if you thought it was good!!


Once we reached the clearing Max took a look around and yipped to show his approval. I walked up to him and started rubbing up against him. He started rubbing back shoving his head underneath mine and rubbing against my chin. He wimpered in need. We both shifted at the same time and started kissing passionatly. 

I pushed him down into the soft grass rubbing myself against him. We were both naked so it was skin on skin contact. Max moaned underneath me causing me to moan back. His moans were just so sexy. I trailed my lips down from his mouth to his neck and nipped him lightly at the base of his neck making his hiss out his pleasure. 

He pulled my head up and we started kissing again our tongues fighting for dominance. In the end I won, freely exploring his mouth. This was turning me on more a...

MrGrumpyGills2 MrGrumpyGills2 Jun 07, 2017
It's about the equivalent of the nurse saying "you might feel a slight pinch"
CarleyFelix CarleyFelix Aug 26, 2016
It's short but it makes me want more which is good to get more fans lol and I like the it's separate for the peeps that aren't ready it's a smart choice
loving_bubbles13 loving_bubbles13 Jul 01, 2016
It won't stop by Sevyn streetwise and Chris brown just came on 😂lmao
chelseyab chelseyab Jul 27, 2014
Is it just me or did no else think Max would top? I thought Ethan would.....