Corruption: A SteamPunk Mystery

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R.D. Hero By RoughDraftHero Updated 4 years ago
Working at Cierce Prison, Intake Officer Leo Eddowes never did more than the minimum.  However, when a new prisoner with a mysterious past comes across his path, Leo finds himself more invested than he would like. boyxboy slash
I woulda said the same thing! Like shiiiiiid that is none of my business
This is so interesting. You really are an awesome writer. You should publish your stories more and i would aupport it.
This very neat and will make for a good story! Can't wait to see what will happen next! :)
Love it, very different from your other stories. Upload soon.
I like this story, but I've already predicted much of what is going to happen.  
                                    Maybe make the title less of a giveaway?  That would make the story more mysterious.  I love how the narrator's like "watevs, kid".  He's kinda an ass...