Broken Marichat Sad

Broken Marichat Sad

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L_Ryuzaki24 By L_Ryuzaki24 Updated Sep 07, 2016

What Adrien didn't know was that his words hit her hard. 

Ladybug and Chat Noir are fighting an akuma, one of the hardest they've ever faced, when disaster strikes and one of the saviors of Paris are hurt. 

Marinette tells Adrien how she really feels about him. 

Chloe's out for revenge on Marinette. 
A girl is akumatized, the strongest akuma the super heroes have ever seen. 

Hawkmoth has taken darkness to the next level and will stop at nothing to get what he desires. 

And yet, it all revolves around one person. 


How can a girl's luck be so bad?

Aren't ladybugs lucky?

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XxJozzyxX XxJozzyxX Sep 10
Who would hurt a girl like that? Everyone, because I know all too well. I am talking apart from the seems and nobody seems to see.
Dam I read this part and I was like 
                              Daaaaammmm this is good!
I wish he actually said this in the show! It's 10x better than "evilise them!"
Maren-Emilie Maren-Emilie May 07, 2016
0___0 wow, and i already tought i suck at fanfic writing.  Im even worse now.😂
Goat_Kiddie911 Goat_Kiddie911 Aug 22, 2016
From the first paragraph and the actual grammar (like wuuuuuuuttttt!?) I can already tell. This is gonna be good.
                              Xd When I first saw this in the suggestions I thought it said Broken Marichat Salad. Blame my broken mind.
MidnightDaydream2021 MidnightDaydream2021 Jun 02, 2016
I'm confused who is that? At first I thought it was Marinette but I just read the first chapter and she was alright in it