Murder Riddles

Murder Riddles

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Ashley Allard By crownedmoriarty Updated 2 days ago

Who killed Jason Manfred? Suicide or Murder? Was it an accident? How did they police identify the killer? How did they know he/ she was the killer? 
After reading these, you'll be able to immediately say, it was Prof. Plum in the Living room with the lead pipe. 

A bunch of Murder Riddles. 
Can you solve them, and win the title of Sherlock Holmes? 

A reminder, I have not made these up myself, I have just described it a bit more, and given a few details, yet the answer stays the same.
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He came to the place but the police never told him where to go
I already knew this before, the cops didn't even mention the scene of the crime.. What an idiot, he really messed up big time
damnhateees damnhateees Oct 01
Hindi nila minention yung place (crime scene) pero alam ni Mr. Turner
Cause he killed her. And the police didn't tell him where the location was.
Because he came immediately without the  police saying the address.
honeystesha honeystesha Nov 19
The police know that he's the culprit cause he go through the crime scene without the police telling him where the murder occur.. For a murderer.. He's noob.. Hehe..