The Affair

The Affair

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PrincessLiza95 By PrincessLiza95 Completed

Published: April 21, 2016
Completed: May 2, 2016


~ I suck at descriptions, don't judge ~

Nicolas claims he's been attending some business meetings out of town but every time his wife asks to join him, he declines. That is, until, he takes her on one where she decides to follow him and see for herself what he's really out doing.

When she discovers he'd been cheating the entire time, she puts herself down but as soon as she lifts herself back up, she goes out and confronts the woman only to discover it's someone she cherished.

What will happen? Find out in the story!!

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ari-anal ari-anal Oct 04, 2017
u can't trust girls that drink with their pinky out THEY SNAKES
fbxbg104 fbxbg104 Sep 22, 2017
He'll live in hell for cheating a SUPER NICE GENEROUS WIFE! HOW COULD HE?!!
kenahv kenahv Jun 06, 2018
Kindly not too much French its hard to translate especially if you don't understand the language or even  speak it
xabida xabida Aug 28, 2017
I don't get how these smart business men, who have everything they need, risk it all for some guilty pleasure.
cutie137 cutie137 Nov 26, 2017
Is this what they mean? 
                              Au revoir, mon amour- goodbye my love
                              Je t'aime- I love you
                              I guessed from when my mom spoke french when I was little
peaches4747 peaches4747 Oct 04, 2016
What a dickwad. Karma needs to take a nice big BITE out of his ads.