sexual desires girlxgirl

sexual desires girlxgirl

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Cassie Luttermoser By CassieLuttermoser Updated Apr 08, 2016

Ellies POV

"Hey Ellie where you going?" My younger sister by two years asked me as I was putting on my shoes to visit my dad. You see my parents are split up, because my dad realised he is gay and my mom realised she was a lesbian. And my brother Shaun is gay also. Anyway I looked at my sister, Remi, and smiled and then said "I'm going to visit dad and his boyfriend. Want to come with?" 

"Yeah, I'd love that." Remi said. Remi is 15  and a bit of a brat, as she gets on my nerves. But I love her like a sister should. She got on her toms, and we walked to my Mercedes. Her long thick bleach blonde hair swung back and forth in the cheer ponytail as she walked her beautiful skinny self like a princess. She then she opened the door and put on her sweet precious smile from being excited to see our dad made my heart melt. Her wide open eyes with the color blue twinkling in the light. Wait what am I thinking this is my sister I'm talking about and a girl at that I'm not a lesbian although I've...

fairladylove3080 fairladylove3080 Jun 11, 2014
incest... will i love the story coz of how you wrote it and its cute....