Come Back To Me (Akashi × Reader × Kise)

Come Back To Me (Akashi × Reader × Kise)

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G_Tsuri By G_Tsuri Updated Nov 11

A Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction!

After your parents disapeared, you have been residing in the Akashi Household. However, something happens and you had to move away from Kyoto to Kanagawa and met Kise Ryota.

(Kuroko no Basket, the characters and the art used  do not belong to me and credits are given to the mangaka and the staff of Kuroko no basket and the artists of the fan art!)

Shouldn't I have met Kise in Teiko....ahh, nvm :')
                              Nice story btw! ^^
Forget about Lily-chan, she was a (bad word). In my eyes, if she was a TRUE friend, then she would have AT LEAST listened to what you had to say, or let her crush go. If she was a TRUE friend than she would have done at least one of those things, so forget about her THEN KILL HER!!!!! 😈