+ Size Love (BxB)

+ Size Love (BxB)

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Valentine love By kantmiss9785 Updated Oct 30, 2016

Autumn Wings is chubby and gay. With thick layers of fat underneath his tigh,arm,stomach and a love for cake, Autumn know what he looks like.

He had been bullied all his years throughout high school and college as his life is nothing but stick and stone just because his heavier than anyone else. 

Now, at the age of 28, Autumn is lonely, horny and a hopelessly romantic virgin. But what happen when a sexy and ridiculously passionate Italian vet walk into the cafe he work and see Autumn for what he is instead of what he looks like? Then, there's his straight jock best friend who  had desperately confessed his love to Autumn and to add to that, his cold and quiet boss keep staring at him for no reason whatsoever.

For years in Autumn live, he is gonna fall in love but
 a) Mr.Italiano is just too hardcore
b) he never thought of his best friend that way and 
c) his boss is just too emotionless.

From being lonely, Autumn life is now nothing but coloured by the men who loved him.

Doteboo1 Doteboo1 Nov 01, 2016
Its funny cause I am writing a paper about the human desire for beauty.
loadingslow loadingslow Dec 22, 2016
Lol I'm a virgin too but damn its so hard to find a guy who will have sex in the kitchen and after make me some food
lincvinyl lincvinyl Jun 26, 2016
You're normal Autumn. You're just different. And being different is normal.
messiah2017 messiah2017 Jun 07, 2016
No one should go without Love!!! You're find someone, who will Love you for you.
Rainbow_unicorn_m25 Rainbow_unicorn_m25 Nov 08, 2016
I know how that feels. I'm plus size and its really hard to find to love you for you
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Dec 19, 2016
I can relate. My mum makes the BEST food ever and always sweetly asks, "Do you want seconds, dear" in that freaking tempting voice and I say yes and watch her pile up the food and get even fatter in conclusion it's my mother's fault I'm so fluffy.