S E X U A L  S H I T


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•I'm Gone• By HttpToxic- Updated Nov 29

Gifs, pictures and all that shiz... To help you  ;)

izzywriter izzywriter Nov 27
Oh thank god I was hoping this is what this book would contain...you pass the test. :P Buuut a ton of other ppl have already done this...
Miss_judyt123 Miss_judyt123 3 days ago
Oh man.. I thought this book was for real and I couldn't believe there was actually a bool like this on Wattpad 😂
XD this was on my recommend and my friend told me to read it. Message got Jenny
😂😂😂Oh my cod, I argued with my friend for about an hour about not reading this cos she said it was awesome and now I know why 😂😂😂😂
To all you normal human beings out there, just look up "Lemons ---" then what ever show if you want that. It wont be showing anything but you can still find so good stuff. A good yaoi lemon book is "Haikyuu Lemons" is has a picture of Kageyama taking his shirt off on the front.
SketchyTie SketchyTie Oct 20
I can tell you are a very sad alone snapchat 12 year old who types through emojis