S E X U A L  S H I T


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•I'm Gone• By HttpToxic- Updated Dec 27, 2016

Gifs, pictures and all that shiz... To help you  ;)

God I thought this was going to be nasty after my best friends told me to click this book and well I was like nope I don't want be scarf for life but they told me if I do they will buy me a chocolate so I did and I just started laughing at this man I never got my chocolate XD THANKS FOR THE LAUGH
HoneyBee560 HoneyBee560 Dec 29, 2016
To be honest if we didn't have a life then none of us would be commenting on this
Miss_hudyt Miss_hudyt Dec 06, 2016
Oh man.. I thought this book was for real and I couldn't believe there was actually a bool like this on Wattpad 😂
therealspookyjim therealspookyjim Dec 17, 2016
I came her cause I though gifs and tutorials were on it and your title was just weird, well I guess I was wrong
OfficSinfulMami OfficSinfulMami Dec 27, 2016
-Looĸѕ aт тнe coммenтѕ-
                              Wow тнeѕe people are really pιѕѕed..нorny ғυcĸѕ..
My befriend was like "JUST CLICK IT." and I was like "NO !!" 😂😂😂😂😂 now I'm here after arguing about it.