A Game For Your Love (BWHM)

A Game For Your Love (BWHM)

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RowdyThora By HathorRao Updated Dec 23, 2016

Sandro Heliodor is many things, a unscrupulous businessman, an insatiable rogue, a bad brother and son, a manipulative friend and foe. None of that changes when he meets her. If anything, meeting her makes him all the worse.

Just how many games will Sandro play for her love? How many secrets must he keep to keep her? 
"What is wrong now?" Adriano Heliodor asks his brother, watching the younger man pace the corridor like an agitated cheetah seeking freedom from the zoo. Sandro touches his lips again. They felt different after tasting hers.

 "I have kissed a lot of..." he starts and then stops his prowling and turns to his brother 
"When I kiss a woman... I am kissing her." he declares and Adriano leans against the wall exasperatedly. What had his brother done now? He watches Sandro rub his face as if trying to wake from a mare
 "What the hell have you done to me Aurore?" Sandro wonders, touching his lips again "I should have known it was her." Adriano grunts and slides to the floor. Who else could it have been? Of course six months ago or maybe even four there would have been a possibility of it being anyone in the world, but now his little brother's world had suddenly shrunk into the mess that was chasing after Aurore. 

"How did you even get her to kiss you?" Adriano asks looking at his brother whose face lights up. Sandro chuckles softly "How else? I grabbed her off the street and kissed her." 
"Well that definitely sounds like You kissed her." Adriano points out
 "Except that...when her lips touched mine it was like... she was kissing me." Sandro sighs, and for all his earthly possessions' worth he'd pay for another kiss! He'd pay to see if there was actually a lift off!

QueenCreepsAndLaugh QueenCreepsAndLaugh Aug 05, 2016
Just... Look at his hair the part you see a line through his hair
lu-girl lu-girl Aug 19, 2016
Cuz they haven't been polluted by money hoarding, the icing, conniving,.......monopolizing scumbags
lu-girl lu-girl Aug 19, 2016
They are poor because of the way the government was set up.  But invaders.
Cortez_7 Cortez_7 Jan 01
This is an interesting and gripping start to the story!! Very nice!! It grips the reader and makes he/she want to know more!! Amazing writing! Can't wait to read more!!👍🏼👌
lu-girl lu-girl Aug 19, 2016
I'm cringing right now.
                              Because this isn't such an unlikely scenario.