BTS angst

BTS angst

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minttxsuga- By minttxsuga- Updated Jul 10

"KOOKIE!!!" I shouted and ran up to my best friend and gave him a back hug. Well,he was the one who helped me with depression and we became best friends from that moment. He was also the only person who cared about me.

>>fast forward>>
1 year has passed,Jungkook and I had drifted away. He wasn't talking to me that much...he never had time to listen to my problems and I have to listen to him talking about his girlfriend. Basically, he doesn't act like a friend anymore...

I walked to the cafeteria and saw Jungkook with his new group of friends,when he saw me,he didn't even cared to ask me to join them... I got used to it because this has been going on for a couple of months and it really hurts me.

His girlfriend was everything a guy could want, she has perfect flowing hair, skin as soft as a baby's butt. I knew I couldn't compare to her. This was when Jungkook pulled my arm and dragged me away to a small place in the school which is very abandoned. Pain was felt because I habe been cu...

Wtf is wrong with people? Are they just that obsessed with making people run into traffic and get hit by vehicles?