Life Of A Nerd Girl ♡ A NaLu Fanfic

Life Of A Nerd Girl ♡ A NaLu Fanfic

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Once there was a girl named 'Lucy Ashley Heartfilia', or commonly known as 'Nerdfilia' in Fairy Tail Academy.
She was called Nerdfilia for a specific reason. Of course, because she has this nerdy style. And she has zero interest in social things. The only thing that'll get her attention is when someone brings up the topic about books. And in fact, the only friend she have is Levy McGarden, which is also a bookworm like her.

On the other hand, we have this popular badboy of FTA.
His name is Natsu Flame Dragneel, son of Igneel and Grandine Dragneel, the richest people of Japan.
Natsu is the complete opposite of Lucy. He's a socialite, Gamer, and friendly, but is a badboy. And is most of the time called 'Badneel' because of his traits.

Now, Natsu's friends noticed that he was slightly falling for Lucy and decided to help him out. With all of the obstacles in his way, will Natsu succeed in winning Lucy's heart, or will he end up being hurt?

Find out, when you read "Life Of A Nerd Girl" 

*Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima does!

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