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Life Of A Nerd Girl ♡ A NaLu Fanfic

Life Of A Nerd Girl ♡ A NaLu Fanfic

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ємєяαℓ∂ gσ∂∂єѕѕ ♡ By inxffable Updated 6 days ago

"Hey, you're Nerdfilia, right?" A voice asks from behind. I shrug. I looked back nervously, and saw a pink-haired figure stand right behind me. It was Natsu Dragneel. "Uh... I guess." I reply nervously.

I saw his lips curl into a smirk as he reaches out to my shoulders. Just his touch made me shiver. I'm not used to being touched by anyone except by Levy, or our maid, Virgo. Maybe when some teens bump me while I walk, I could count that that as a simple touch from them.

"Want me to go and take you to class?" His smirk gets wider. I'm not sure if this is a smirk, or a pedophile's look. I shrug his hand away from my shoulders. "No thanks. I could walk on my own, thank you..." I faked a smile then left.

I could tell he was left frozen behind me. "Hey, nobody ignores me! Can you just let me walk you even just once?" He asks, while blocking my way in front of me. I shook my head no. "I already said no, Natsu." I shrug. I hate these kinds of conversations.

I took another direction going to my class. I looked behind me, and saw he was being followed by a bunch of girls again. 

I guess I could determine the life of a loner, and the life of a popular freak now. 

Lucy Ashley Heartfilia, or also known as "Nerdfilia" was your average nerdy student of Fairy Tail Academy. Lucy is a Straight A's student, certified bookworm, and a girl who has a sprinkle of sass in her attitude. It was actually no surprise that she was picked on every single day of her life by Natsu.

Natsu Flame Dragneel is the most popular heartthrob of Fairy Tail Academy. He's that one person who enjoys breaking girls' hearts that much.   But what if he was challenged to take on Lucy?

In the process, Natsu would slowly fall for Lucy, and learn a lot of things from her, including her dark past. 

In this little game of love, it may have some unexpected twist and turns, and of course, some unexpected visitors.

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Wow, so she wasn't going to call her "Love Rival?" I guess it's better this way then.
Kiarikuta09 Kiarikuta09 Apr 13
Everyone is talking about how they love the series, and me? Oh, well, I'm just here fan girling about the fact that Levy and Gajeel are dating! :3
I never go on any of social media anymore. I only use Wattpad.
Kiarikuta09 Kiarikuta09 Apr 13
So me, except... I have like 4,000 kpop pics and 5,000 ft pics.... I know... #SadLife
Literally me but all the screenshots are of Fairy Tail(anime)
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