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21 | An Omeeka Story

21 | An Omeeka Story

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Ya bay'beh By _omeeka Updated Jun 15, 2016

The one who makes the rules, breaks the rules.

ShadyYaya ShadyYaya May 14, 2016
I just read dis in Wendy Williams, ol' man lookin ass, voice
alexcia13 alexcia13 Jun 23, 2016
Why her friend encouraging her to date a nigga that basically lied about his whole life, then lied about her in the tabloids. G get a grip.
QueenMoney04 QueenMoney04 Jun 15, 2016
What they gonna have 21 dates hell naw we smashing in the 4th one then I ain't waiting till the 21st one she wondering why she ain't married yet 🐸🍵
yoncexmaraj yoncexmaraj Jun 20, 2016
FOH u better bown tf down to Onika I don't know when these hoes thought it was okay to get out of Formation
FaithHamilton14 FaithHamilton14 Jun 01, 2016
stop acting like you too good for a normal ass date and stop being so uptight like everything needs to be professional  😒😒
MeOverYou MeOverYou Jun 07, 2016
niggas really don't know how dumb they sound after they get caught up