His Queen, Her King: Cartman x Reader Story

His Queen, Her King: Cartman x Reader Story

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SilverMystic_ By SilverMystic_ Completed

She started as a Wench, after persuading the Wizard King to let her join.

Then, leveled up to a Maiden, earning the King's favor.

Once she became a Lady, things became complicated.

Will she ever be a Queen?

Oh wow. Many feminists are gonna kick your arse if you keep saying that Kyle... (This is sadly very true in my case tho, I'm actually a weak son of a bitch.)
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It's not going to work right away young child,
                              Cartman is a sexist pig.
Shippingcraziness Shippingcraziness 7 days ago
I'm not those girly girls like Wendy and Bebe err something. I mostly hang out with boys :/
Thewolf525 Thewolf525 Jan 13
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                              WOOF YES 
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