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ALICE {Percy Weasley}

ALICE {Percy Weasley}

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Kitty Bell By kmbell92 Completed

In 1865, at the age of seven years old, Alice LiddelL went missing from her home in Oxford, England. While multiple search parties were sent out in search of the girl, they did not find her anywhere. She had disappeared and no one knew where. No one would ever suspect the girl had fallen down a rabbit hole and no one would ever believe the adventures the girl would encounter in a world called Wonderland. From talking flowers to a mischievous grinning cat, Alice had experienced encounters that only children with the wildest imaginations could dream of.

Over a century after her disappearance, the impossible happens. Alice reappears, however, she is only a few years older than when she disappeared. Crawling out of a rabbit hole in the Forbidden Forest, the wizarding world is stunned to uncover the girl who is completely unharmed, but more importantly, she is alive. However, with no surviving family, Alice is left in the care of a witch who helps her readjust before she begins her time at Hogwarts.

For Alice, readjusting to her former world is far from easy but she's always been up for an adventure. Especially since she has her trusted White Rabbit to keep her company.

xoWATERLILLYox xoWATERLILLYox Dec 28, 2016
I have a theory that Alice is actually Ariana. But that probably not logical so...
I have 363 unbirthdays to look forward to now that I know of their existence! (I'm counting today)
FirePixie11 FirePixie11 Jan 05
She's having the time of her life at a tea party while her whole family thinks she's dead
- - Dec 22, 2016
Wait! Another name for a rabbit hole CAN be Burrow....................
Shayne1077 Shayne1077 Jan 09
*claps hands together* okay! On that note, who wants cookies!
Alice Liddell how dare you?! Your father is facing enquiries in the afterlife and it's entirely your fault! If you step a single toe out of this century again I'll bring you right back to the 18th century!