Polaroid ( Creek)

Polaroid ( Creek)

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South Park creek 
Turns out in the crazy town of South Park, there's a new kid, specifically a blonde, twitchy, underpants gnomes seeing boy. 

Tweek tweak. 

What will happen when he meets Craig Tucker? The boy in blue who flips everyone off, and is seemingly.. Popular among the ladies. Well, I'll be brutally honest. Nothing. While seeing him in the hallway, Craig simply ignored him. Leaving tweak to get bullied. And fend for himself. But one fateful day. 

They properly meet.

- base off of twenty one pilots 'polarize' ( lmao not really)
- may have sensitive content in the future but there will be warnings at the beginning of each chapter
- I'm bad at descriptions so
- South Park does not belong to me nor does any of the characters
- the sequel to this is called "picture the future"

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OMG MY CHILDREN... I mean, heyyyyy Stan Kyle Kenny and Cartman (when I said my children, I meant all of them but Cartman)
I love how everyone in this comment section is just breathing heavily and I’m over here wit the simple 
SarcasticTrashBag SarcasticTrashBag Aug 05, 2017
I like reading about depressing things..... And ships 
                              So this is my type of book! :D
Yes! My babies! I mean Cartman meh but KYLE, KENNY, STAN!!!! cartman again meh
thatssokipster thatssokipster 6 days ago
My whole family thinks I'm gay, guess it's always been that way.
You just met them and you can already see it... HEY STYLE SHIPPERS, TWEEK IS JUST LIKE US!!