Taming Fenris

Taming Fenris

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Too much inspiration By Shifting2wolf Updated Jan 09

The twin brothers Evander and Leandros, born from the the Greek gods of Love and Chaos, regularely bring all the Pantheons and realms in an uproar with their little games of finding love in the utmost chaotic way possible.


You see, they search for the mates of every creature they set their eyes on and relocate them on a planet they designed for their game. They even let you know that they found your soulmate...but it comes at a price. You aren't the only one to find out who you're mated to and the brothers know just how to make things more interesting when they stumble on a hidden secret.


Everyone has heard of the Fenris wolf, although some have heard about him under another name. He was the Legendary wolf, son of Loki, that threatened to destroy the whole Norish Pantheon. As a precaution, the Norish Gods lured him in a trap and imprisoned him from a cell that he would never escape.


But...What if the legends aren't what they seem? What if the whole Fenris legend started with a lie? Wouldn't it be shocking to find out that Fenris isn't what he seems to be or the assumptions made towards him, were all false?

And to the brother's great delight, Fenris has a mate in the supernatural realm. The question is, can this mate tame Fenris before someone else does it for them?

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Jtan_Jtan Jtan_Jtan Jul 10, 2017
The god of love and the goddess of discord fvcked? That's news.
LupineWood LupineWood Jan 09
I can't see it! I hate it when the his happens... All I can see it the '3rd party hosting' sign thing!
Gofwer Gofwer Mar 30, 2016
Continue definitely.  Someone is going to start hunting you down to finish this soon.
CakeFetishist CakeFetishist Oct 03, 2016
Don't frick with legendary beasts. Especially if they're going to kill Prince and swallow the sun whole. They'll frick you up
heavenswolfpup heavenswolfpup Aug 13, 2016
This is amazing how could you even consider stopping. Please continue writing. I know that I'm going to read this to the very end.
Delnes0of0Mirkwood Delnes0of0Mirkwood Jan 01, 2016
This looks really good and I hope you decide to write more of it soon