Remember me (Levixreader)

Remember me (Levixreader)

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Hey guys this is the second book to
'The Underground thug'

>>Thanks for the 6k views~!<<

So this story goes by,as everyone in the year 855 reincarnated and are now in the year 2016.So 1,161 years passed.
Your memories were erased,so you remember nobody.But they remember you.

-I don't own any of the Attack on Titan cast!
-I only own my OC(Jen Shinozaki)



OMG its so interesting and so mysterious i cant wait to see how it turns out
I just  have a playlist full of tøp songs and the song borderline in nightcore 😂
Its just so weird that EVERYONE remembers who i was exept myself i just wanna slap myself and shout 
                              "U R CORPORAL (Y/N) AND U LOVE LEVI AND ..... Etc" its just i cant wait till I remember everything ^^
xxFiona_Pandaxx xxFiona_Pandaxx 13 hours ago
Omg... Lol, my fav song in aot is actually 'Reluctant Heroes' 😳
                              Damn, the similarities 😂
Man this nigga is snitching on everyone... Why you gotta be so salty