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Demon Queen By Kyuubi_Girl Updated Nov 06, 2016

 Kyuubi_Girl owns the story line anyone who takes my idea is to give me full credit in their story. By taking my ideas you are signing the contract. If you disobey the contract I will hunt you down. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

RisingPyro RisingPyro Jul 31, 2016
Ummm....uhhh aren't they still in the house with his parents and his brother........................awkward!!! XD there's something to talk about over breakfast ( or I missed something)
Denka4 Denka4 Jun 25, 2016
1. Update
                              2. I feel so bad for Itachi's family for having to hear that
Okatu_Emiri_Chan Okatu_Emiri_Chan Dec 26, 2016
Uh, Kyuubi_Girl? Is Itachi a female in this story?? Because if he\she isn't a girl that means its a yoai right?
natsu_anime143 natsu_anime143 Nov 06, 2016
Same Naruto, I just like being alone either nobody to bother me
fineheresausername fineheresausername Nov 02, 2016
What does this say? Orange orange orange? Yeah that's what it says...