Fortune Favors the Bold: (Epilogue to the Walter Reed Scandal Story)

Fortune Favors the Bold: (Epilogue to the Walter Reed Scandal Story)

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Torrey Shannon By TorreyShannon Updated Aug 19, 2013

The life of a wounded warrior’s wife is complicated and messy. It’s even more complicated and messy when you are trying to write a book about it. The stakes are high: The book is about a scandal that made national news. A movie about the scandal was in production ...but it stalled in the development stage. The real story still needs to be told.

Will the book ever make it to a publisher? If so, will the author’s life fall apart around her during the process of writing the book? Are there unseen consequences by telling her side of the story? Will there ever be a happy ending?

I am that author. This is my story about my desire, and need, to write a memoir that tells the story behind the story. Follow me as I share the trials I endured and the sacrifices I made to make this dream a reality.

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