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Another Side To Me Vylad X Reader (Slow updates)

Another Side To Me Vylad X Reader (Slow updates)

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WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY By -_-BananaCat-_- Updated 6 days ago

You are twenty years old and you have been living in a dark forest. One day while you were chopping down trees, for you're fireplace, you heared an eerie sound, Like heavy breathing behind you, you slowly turn around only r be face to face with a man with a white hockey mask, Bloody clothes, and an Axe. You are frozen in fear, until you have t courage to run. You rn as fast as you can until you feel a heavy weght on you're back.vyou are on the ground, with the mysterious man on top of you, you close you're eyes ready for the impact of the Axe... But you feel nthng, and soon the heavy weight of the person is gone. You slowly open you're eyes to see a man with Dark brown hair, and dark green eyes. And this is were you're story begins ,'3

( In this story you are either a Mief'wa or a girl with Dog ears and Tail you can pick what kind of breed of Dog you are if you're a Dog.AND I do not own the characters Aphmau - Empress_Aphmau does:3)

SasheeTadashee SasheeTadashee Jun 26, 2016
Happy birthday and my birthday is on July 5th and I'm also turning 11 lol
-_-BananaCat-_- -_-BananaCat-_- Oct 23, 2016
I'm sorry Cheshire willow but if your comment was about Vylad being surprised about the teaser hugging him then you've got it all wrong the only reason he was surprised was because everyone hates shadow knights.
Targetkitty Targetkitty Sep 02, 2016
....b-but I don't like hugs.... I barely like being around others...
RandomFabulousness RandomFabulousness May 23, 2016
But wait, I didn't get to sing my song before I die! It goes like dis. ♪I'm about to die this is my death song. Gonna get killed by this guy with a creepy mask on!♪ Okay now you cab kill me. Then Vylad comes to the rescue and I sang my song for no reason...
cailinthefangirl cailinthefangirl Jun 14, 2016
Angelically is a word, I think it's the one you were looking for.
Sorry Cheshire Willow I just now realized what you meant and I'm sorry but it wasn't supposed to be sexism it was Vylad just wanted to help her because like it says he can't let someone with a fragile body(not supposed to sound sexist) and an innocent and young mind and heart die so soon