Stuck in Between

Stuck in Between

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thank you jonghyun ♡ By thatchoiboy Updated Jul 29, 2017

"Whereas Kyungsoo found himself 'stuck in between' possessive twins."

"Oh shit! I think I'm in love!" Kai said to his brother.

"Fuck! Me too!" Jongin simply replied.


Started : April 20, 2016
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15M7forlife 15M7forlife Apr 20
I'm gonna chill myself before *explode*
                              or maybe to late......
jihopejinmin jihopejinmin Dec 06, 2017
this is like kinda me im a a+ student i suck at P.E and i love chicken
jihopejinmin jihopejinmin Dec 06, 2017
this is kinda me as well i got brown hair i love science i suck at everything in general tho i love chicken yeah pretty much
Some people say "omg kai and jongin looks like twins"😂 just like in bts "omg v looks like taehyung"
Same I suck are everything other than P.E. but I'm still chubby
CuteSquishy CuteSquishy Aug 27, 2017
Why's he just so cute? Like WHY? Where can I get me a boy like dis?