Brothers? No, Lovers

Brothers? No, Lovers

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Orion RZ By lostboyorion Updated Sep 06

Diamond Gray has been suffering from depression ever since the accident that took away his best friend. His family has always been supportive, as he battles his inner demons, but he has never felt an attraction towards anyone else but his older brother Christian. What will happen when the older sibling suddenly hungers for his little brother? [boyxboy incest]

"After falling for so long in the dark, we yearn to reach for the sun."

[Disclaimer: Copyrights belong to me; this story may be triggering at certain aspects]

I mean come on would've been worse of there was only one ticket and somehow he died of a sickness of some sort, right? 😨😏
It sounds better than my actual room and his is in a mental asylum like wtf
Xu-Weizhou Xu-Weizhou Jun 25
Geez! When my friend is going to another country to stay for good. Im the only one who cried😭 aww
carlingc carlingc May 10
Which is higher on the I-don't-want-these-speeding-towards-me scale  daggers or burning arrows? 🤔
Noblez1999 Noblez1999 Sep 23
This is so sad 😭😭😭 and adam sounds like such a perf dude 😵😵😵
ZianaSue ZianaSue Feb 16
I'm sensing a jealous Christian. Something to do with...glaring daggers.